Republic Square

Republic Square

Republic Square or Jumhooree Maidan as its popular known  was set up in the year 1989  facing the northern waterfront in the Maldives.

On the eastern side of the square one can see the new Headquarters of the Police and the official flag post on which is hoisted a permanent flag, the largest in the country. On the sea-ward side is  the Presidential Jetty used by the President and members of the cabinet to travel to various locations around the Maldives and the world. To the south is the Islamic Centre and the headquarters of the MNDF. On the west are some commercial buildings.

Earlier there were some government office buildings located on this square but they were  relocated and this public square was made.

The Jumhooree Maidan with its green grass, lush vegetation and seaside view serves as one of the most popular place for relaxation and social gatherings. It is also one of the favorite evening hangouts for children.

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