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Sultan Park

Sultan Park is a public park, built on the southern side of the demolished royal palace grounds in the 16th century in the capital of Maldives, Male'. The surviving building of the palace within the park is today the National Museum, it is an Edwardian colonial-style building of three storeys.

The entrance to the park is guarded by a massive iron gate, which is opposite the Islamic Centre on Medhuziyaaraiy Magu. The park and museum offered a silent story of the unique and rich culture and history of this island nation.

Sultan Park MaldivesIn the olden times the park itself was mainly a considerable collection of various tropical flora. It offered a magnificent view of the landscape and was a great place to breathe some fresh air, stretch your legs and relax while you enjoy the aroma of the flowers around. Many locals and foreigners used to visit the Sultan park since they found the landscape most relaxing. Sultan park forms a quiet green oasis in the bustling capital, with ponds covered by water lilies and leafy trees filled with bird songs.

A typical Friday evening, the park used to be filled with visitors from babies to toddlers, youngsters and old people. Everyone enjoying the view the park had to offer, clicking away photographs to capture the sweet moments to file away in their albums. It was a never boring cycle which used to repeat. Every week a visit to the park is something the kids looked forward to.

This was looking at the past, at present the Sultan park stands as a haunted monument which seems to attract only the expatriate workers who after a long days work sit on the benches under the trees enjoying a smoke or eating a hard earned meal. Many of the locals have stopped visiting the park or even the museum. The museum of course does get some attention from visiting tourists through out the year.

The Sultan park today stands as a witness to diminishing glory of the sultanate's era.

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