bathala maaga kan thila

Bathala Maaga Kan Thila

Bathala Maaga Kan Thila stretches along the outside of the Atoll and about 40 minutes from Maayafushi.Bathala Maaga and extends to about 500 meters northwards into Maaga Kandu. It is about 20 meters wide. The top starts from 5 m and gradually slopes down to 30 meters.

The thila is covered with fish like giant grouper, silvertips, fusiliers, dogtooth tuna, eagle ray,  whitetip sharks, mobulas, green jobfish, yellowfin barracuda, midnight snappers and oriental sweetlips.

Location: North side of Bathala Maaga
Average visibility: 20 - 40 meters
Depth of reef: 5 – 30 meters
Features: Coral life ,Pelagics , Reef fish , Eagle rays, Sharks
Best time to dive: All year round


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