dhonkalo thila, manta ray point

Dhonkalo Thila

Dhonkalo Thila, a dive site better known as the Manta Ray Car Wash is located in the channel between Maalhos and Himendhoo . It is rated as the top site for Manta rays in the Maldives.

Mantas are regularly seen during the north-east monsoon season  at around 22 - 25 meters. Mantas are filter feeders, they feed on plankton, fish larvae .Whale sharks have been often sighted in Himendhoo Kandu. The top of the thila is from 10 - 14 meters sloping down to 25 meters sandy bottom. 


Location: Between Maalhos and Himendhoo
Average visibility: 15 - 25 meters
Depth of reef: 7 - 35 meters
Features: Manta mobulas, Pelagics, Small fishes
Best time to dive: All year round

Dhonkalo Thila Photos

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