fesdhu wreck

Fesdhu Wreck

Situated off the southwest coast of Fesdhu Island the wreck is a 30 meter fishing boat lying upright on the bottom at 29 meters with the bow almost facing north.

It lies at the end of a small thila that is about 50 meters from Villingili falhu. This spectacular dive site boasts of excellent visibility. Dive at sunrise when the current is running into the channel to view the magnificient hammerheads cruising.

Sorrounded by abundant  soft corals and sponges the wreck plays home to myriad small fishes including anthias, lionfish, batfish, glassfish, butterfly fish and parrotfish. Among the other marine life seen at this site are moray eels, garden eels, tuna, huge groupers, jackfish, whitetip reef sharks and eagle rays.

Location: North side of Villingili Falhu
Average visibility: 20 - 30 meters
Depth of reef: 24 - 29 meters
Features: Premier wreck dive in Maldives , Reef Fishes, Jacks, Eels and Groupers
Best time to dive: All year round


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