gangehi kandu

Gangehi Kandu

This is one of the longest channels in Ari Atoll . Due to strong currents divers can drift for 2.5 kilometers from the very entrance of the channel and finishing inside the atoll.

Large coral rocks around 20 meters and a 200 meters cave is an attraction. There are many groupers in the cave.

Leopard sharks are known to inhabit this channel. Usually divers stumble upon grey reef  sharks, white tip sharks, sting rays, eagle rays and even whale sharks. Napoleons are commonly seen during the months of June - August. Manta rays and whale sharks are occasionaly spotted creating a marvelous view  in the huge lagoon of Gangehi.

Location: West of Gangehi
Average visibility: 20 - 35 meters
Depth of reef:  3 - 30 meters
Features: Coral outcrops , Reef Fishes, Big-Eye Trevallys, Moray Eels , Whale Sharks
Best time to dive: All year round


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