maaya thila

Maaya Thila

Maaya Thila is a protected marine area. It is 80 meters in diameter, so if the current is favorable divers can go around the entire area in one dive. The top starts at 6 meters and the reef edge drops from 12 meters to depths of 30 meters and more.

There are many caves, outcrops and overhangs all around the thila. Most of the reef features dense and intense soft coral growth. A large coral formation on the south tip of the thila has a one meter swim through.

During strong currents its possible to come across dog tooth tuna, great barracuda, blue face angelfish, moorish idol, sharks, tall fin bat fish, parrot fish, butterfly fish, clown trigger fish and lion fish. The smaller white-tips are the center of attention, with dozens of them circling the reef. Be a careful observer, discover stone fish and angler fish. Often white tip reef sharks and sting rays are seen resting on the sand.

A marine life lovers paradise is the best way to portray Maaya Thila.

Location: 4 kilometers west of Maayafushi
Average visibility: 10 - 25 meters
Depth of reef: 6 - 30 meters
Features: Grey Reef Sharks, Napoleon Wrasse, Whitetip Reef Sharks, Reef Fish, Small Fishes
Best time to dive: All year round


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