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Independence Day of the Maldives

After being a British Protectorate for 78 years, on 26th July 1965 full independence was granted to the Maldives from the British.

Henceforth every 26th of July is celebrated as the Independence Day of the Republic of Maldives. The official celebrations commences at the Republic Square, followed by march past by the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) and the National Cadet Corps in the evening. This is followed by drills, traditional dances, modern drills, floats and processions depicting traditional and modern themes performed by hundreds of school children and various office staff in colourful attire.

The day begins with patriotic national songs on the radio and television, with the Independence Day greetings from the President to all the Maldivians. Special programmes and shows are hosted on the National TV and National Radio on the occasion.

Prior to this eventful day, people from all age groups do their best to buy new clothes. From young to old all prefer to wear something new in the evening as they get out of their houses to witness the march pasts, floats and processions that go through most of the main roads of the capital Male'. The main roads are decorated with national flags either on the walls, or roped from post to post.

The drills, traditional and modern dances are all performed at the National Stadium (galolhu dhandu),  two free entry tickets are distributed to the participants, while the rest of the public can enter by paying a minimal amount for the ticket. The evening is inaugurated by the President himself, who sits through the entire performance.

Maldives recently celebrated its 43 years of Independence in full swing.

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