victory day of the maldives

Victory Day of the Maldives

On November 3rd 1988, Maldives woke up to the darkest day in it's modern history. The country was attacked by a terrorist group from Sri Lanka, a coup plot led by two Maldivians.

They attempted to overthrow the Maldivian Government. This was a day that witnessed great sadness and loss for many Maldivians, loved ones were caught up in the crossfire and many lives were lost.

With the help of the Indian military, the National Security Service restored peace and harmony to the nation on 4th November 1988, when the attackers failed in their mission they fled from this country.

Since then, 3rd November each year is celebrated as the victory day of the Maldives, a remembrance of  the unwavering defence put up by the National Security Service and the steadfastness of the people, in defending our nation.


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