maldives national symbols

Maldives National Symbols

National flag - The flag is rectangular in shape and comprises of a red border filled with a green rectangle and a crescent in the centre.

  • Red symbolizes blood the martyrs of the nation had shed fighting for independence
  • Green symbolizes prosperity of the Maldives
  • White crescent symbolizes the Maldivians faith Islam

National emblem - consists of a star, a crescent, two national flags one on either side, a coconut palm and a scroll with the title of the state.
The national emblem is also known as the Coat of Arms.

  • The crescent and the star symbolizes Islamic faith of the Maldivians
  • The coconut palm symbolizes livelihood and prosperity of the nation
  • The words on the scroll 'Ad-Dawlat Al-Mahaldheebiyya' are written in Arabic script meaning 'The State of the Maldives'



National Flag of the Maldives
National Flag
National Emblem of the Maldives
National Emblem
 Coconut Palm - National Tree of the Maldives
National Tree
 National Flower of the Maldives
National Flower 


National tree - The coconut palm

  • The coconut palm had been declared as the national tree in 1985 since it is found in abundance in the Maldives and also is a good resource to th  country.
  • The leaves, branches, juice of the young coconut 'kurumba', coconut, coconut shells are all used by the local Maldivians in their everyday life.

National flower -The pink rose

  • In 1985 the pink rose was declared as the national flower of the Maldives.
  • The pink rose (Rosa) represents the serene, elegant and pristine Maldives.


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