British girl names coral reef in Maldives

British girl names coral reef in Maldives

A 10-year-old British girl has won the right to name a threatened coral reef in the Maldives in a competition to highlight the plight of the islands due to climate change.

Zsuzsa Magyar chose the winning name of Stingray Reef for the currently unnamed coral reef off the Indian Ocean island of Nakatcha Fushi.

The name was given the approval of the country’s recently-elected president, Mohamed Nasheed.

Stingray Reef, as it has now been called, is home to one of the world’s first coral ‘cultivation’ programmes, a process described as ‘underwater gardening’.

The hope is that by implanting nursery-grown corals into the 12 hectare reef, known as ‘nubbins’, the structure will eventually establish itself as an island. More than 1,000 ‘nubbins’ have been implanted since the project started there in 2007.

Zsuzsa, from Notting Hill in west London, won the competition, which was being run at the Hay Festival in Wales.  Read More

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