Gayoom Denies Home Request Letter From Nasir

Gayoom Denies Home Request Letter From Nasir

Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom has denied receiving a letter from his predecessor, Ibrahim Nasir, requesting permission to return to Maldives after years of self-exile.

A statement released by the secretariat of Former President Gayoom says that claims made by a Kuva Mohamed Yoosuf, a close acquaintance of Nasir, and broadcast on state TV this week were “false”.

“In attaining full freedom for Maldives, the prime minister at that time Ibrahim Naseer had played the most key role,” the statement reads.

“Due to this, on the historical occasion of the 25th anniversary of freedom in Maldives, former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom in a letter thanked Nasir and pardoned him for the convicted crime made by the courts and the 25 years banishment sentence,” it continues.

It also states that Gayoom had invited Nasir to a ceremony to receive an award for his involvement in securing the independence of Maldives, but that Nasir had not replied.

Nasir, who died on Saturday, was both prime minister and president of Maldives and had aided an agreement which saw the country obtain full independence in 1965.

Previously, it had existed as a British protected state.

After his death last weekend, Nasir’s body was flown back to Maldives after thirty years of living abroad due to persecution by Gayoom after Nasir left office.

And on 23 November, Kuva Mohamed Yoosuf told Television Maldives that Nasir had told him in 1990 that he had sent a letter to Gayoom asking to be allowed back into his home country.

The letter, Nasir had reportedly said, had not received a reply.

Meanwhile, Ahmed “ADK” Nashid, an MP, has this week requested that Nasir’s family receive protection in Maldives.

President Nasheed has offered Gayoom, a long-standing rival of Nasheed’s, protection and a pension, stating that the country should not engage in a “witch-hunt”.

Nasheed also allowed for Nasir’s body to return and arranged a state funeral. Nasir’s body was also put on public display, attracting thousands of mourners.

After leaving office in 1978, Nasir was charged with crimes against the state and constitution. He was later pardoned by Gayoom. The government also nationalised Nasir’s properties.

Nasir’s family were also persecuted by Gayoom’s administration and left the country.

Nasir served as country's Prime Minister under Sultan Muhammad Fareed Didi from 1957 to 1968 and succeeded him to become the first President of the Second Republic from 1968 to 1978.

Source: Minivan News

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