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Surfing in South Male Atolls

The breaks in the South Male Atolls are usually smaller than the breaks in the North Male Atolls. During a big swell, these points provide some excellent surfs.

The South Male Atoll Surf breaks include:


Quarters - This surfing site is located near the uninhabited island, Gulhigaathuhuraa.

Last Stops - This surfing point offers surfers with a fast right and a great bowl section.

Gurus - Located near the Southern tip of North Male Atoll and near the capital island of Maldives, Male. This site offers surfers with a left that works well when there is a north wind and a big south swell.

Natives - Located near the Kandooma Resort, on the eastern reefs of the North Male Atoll. Surfers are provided with a short right, which works well with a South West wind and a solid swell.

Twin Peaks - Located on the eastern reef of South Male Atoll, Twin Peaks picks up more swell than most of the breaks in South Male’ Atoll. It is easily accessible by boat.

Kate's - Located on the eastern reef of the South Male Atoll, the Kate's is Uninhabited Island near the Palm Tree Island Resort.

Riptides - Located on the southern side of the Guraidhoo island it is easily accessible by boat. The area has one of the best waves and is subjected to strong currents.


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